65-year-old man identifies himself for helping fugitive parents of alleged Michigan school shooter

A 65-year-old man publicly identified himself as the person law enforcement says helped the fugitive parents of the alleged Michigan school shooter into the building where they were later arrested.

James and Jennifer Crumbley are each charged with four counts of involuntary manslaughter in connection with the alleged actions of their 15-year-old son, Ethan Crumbley, who is accused of killing four classmates during Tuesday’s shooting at Oxford High School in suburban Detroit.

Police launched a manhunt after the parents failed to appear at their arraignment hearing on Friday, later arresting them at a Detroit building after a sighting by a member of the public.

Police said Saturday it appeared the couple had been hiding in the workspace and that someone had helped them into the building, guiding them as they parked their vehicle in back.

Andrzej Sikora on Sunday identified himself through his attorney as the individual law enforcement says helped the Crumbleys.

Though Sikora knew the Crumbleys were using his workspace, he “did not really know what was going on” and didn’t know the couple “had active warrants” when they were discovered by law enforcement and subsequently arrested, his attorney, Clarence Dass, said.

Dass said his client “got roped into it,” but declined to say why he allowed the couple to stay in the workspace or provide additional details on Sikora’s relationship with the Crumbleys other than to say “he knew them, but not well.”

Early on Saturday, police said they found the couple on the first floor of an industrial or commercial building in Detroit after someone tipped police Friday night that their vehicle was nearby.

“They appeared to be hiding in the building,” Detroit Police Chief James White said at a news conference early Saturday. They were “very distressed” after they were detained, the chief said.

White said he didn’t know the Crumbleys’ intentions, but that “this isn’t indicative of turning themselves in, hiding in a warehouse.”