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61-year-old Indiana man faces two months jail for repeatedly calling 911 and stating he was tired

An Indiana man who kept calling 911 repeatedly to state that he was tired was arrested. Daniel Schroeder, 61, a resident of Evansville called 911 four times.

“The male caller kept calling in stating that he was tired,” a police report said.

Schroeder’s arrest came one day after he pleaded guilty to a previous charge of misusing the 911 system. Police arrested Schroeder on the night of September 11 after he called 911 to express his anger that a female relative “was not following his rules.”

He will now spend two months in Vanderburgh County jail.

According to the US Department Of Justice: “Unintentional 911 abuse includes phantom wireless calls, misdials, and hang-up calls. Phantom wireless calls are the result of unintentional automatic dialing functions on the phone, redialing mistakes, and random dialing by phones with low batteries. Intentional 911 abuse includes nonemergency calls, prank calls, exaggerated emergency calls, and lonely complainant calls.”

According to a study by the Arizona State University Center for Problem-Oriented Policing found that non-emergency calls often constitute a large portion of all 911 calls.

Callers sometimes phone about an incident that requires police attention like car broken or non-injury vehicle accident. Other calls include directions to a local event, the exact time of garbage pickups.