6-year-old set up free joke stand to lighten mood amid pandemic

A six-year-old boy has decided to lighten people’s mood during the COVID-19 pandemic by setting up a joke stand.

The Canada-based boy has set up a ‘drive-by walk-by joke stand’ wherein he tells jokes to people without charging them any money. According to a report published in Fox News Callaghan McLaughlin, tells one-liners and knock-knock jokes from a particular book that he has.

This act of his came to limelight after the boy’s mother posted a photo of him sitting behind his joke stand on Instagram. The photo was first shared on April 14 and the caption read, “Please drive by and hear a joke from this kid #driveby #walkby #kidhumour #togetheryetapart #cadborobay”

In the photo, one can see the setup which includes a table and a chair in an outdoor surrounding. There is a chart paper that is put in front of the table that reads, “drive-by walk-by joke stand”. The young boy can be seen sitting on the chair as he happily poses for the camera.