6 cow vigilantes accused of lynching Pehlu Khan to death acquitted by Rajasthan court

All six men accused of beating Pehlu Khan to death in 2017, an incident that was caught on camera, were acquitted by a court in Rajasthan on Wednesday. The accused men were cleared on the benefit of doubt.

On April 1, 2017, Pehlu Khan, a 55-year-old dairy farmer, was transporting cattle to Haryana after buying them at a cattle fair in Jaipur when he was stopped on the Jaipur-Delhi highway by a mob of cow vigilantes and brutally beaten.

He died in a government hospital three days later.

A cell phone video that went viral showed Pehlu Khan being dragged by his neck and thrown to the ground and kicked. The footage helped the police identify and arrest some of the accused.

Two FIRs were filed in the case, the first against the attackers and the other charging Pehlu Khan and his sons with transporting cattle to another state reportedly without requisite permissions.

Of the nine people accused of his murder, three were underage. They have been out on bail.

The court apparently said the video evidence was not substantial to nail the accused.

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