6 arrested for poisoning judge and his son to death

Police in the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh arrested six people in connection with the mysterious deaths of district additional and sessions judge Mahendra Tripathi and his 30-year-old son Abhinay Raj Tripathi.

Among the arrest was a woman and a “tantrik”.

A tantrik is an occultist who believes in the supernatural and the power of magic.

The woman, Sandhya Singh from Chindwara ran a NGO. She allegedly gave the judge’s family poisoned wheat flour after performing what she claimed was a puja to help “maintain harmony at their home”.

The judge brought home the flour on July 20 and the same day the family had chapatis made of it at dinner. According to the police, the judge and his two sons ate the chapatis but his wife ate only rice. The judge and his older son started vomiting. The two were taken to hospital when they fell seriously ill on July 23.

The judge and his older son died three days later, luckily the younger son recovered.

The police in their initial investigation have found that Sandhya planned to kill the judge and his family.

“The accused Sandhya Singh was known to the ADJ for more than 10 years and she owed him some money which he was demanding back,” the police said.