59-year-old woman holds fake funeral to make ‘dream come true’

In a bizarre act a 59-year-old woman decided to hold a full-dress rehearsal for her own funeral.

Mayra Alonzo lay in a coffin for several hours with friends and family mourning her death and bidding her tearful goodbye.

However, some of them could not really play along and were seen smiling and snapping photos with their phone.

The crazy ceremony took place at end of April in the city of Santiago, The Dominican Republic.

Marya arrived at ‘her’ funeral in a hearse, dressed in a white gown.

To replicate the look of a corpse in a mortuary she even stuffed cotton on her nostrils and had a floral crown on the head.

The mock funeral cost €710 with the money going for the coffin and buying refreshments for the guests who had come to ‘mourn’.

Marya thanked her friends, family and neighbours for helping her to organize this funeral and called it a ‘dream come true’. She added that if even if she died tomorrow, no one should do anything for her because she had done ‘it all’.

Marya went on to advise people present at the funeral to ‘not die any time soon’ as it’s ‘warm and lonely’ inside the coffin.

Her funeral received criticism, but she said the pandemic had inspired her to celebrate her life with a fake funeral.