4 convicts of Nirbhaya will hang to death on January 22 at 7am

Four men sentenced to death for the 2012 gang-rape and murder of a young medical student in Delhi will hang at 7 am on January 22, a court declared on Tuesday.

Mukesh Singh, 32, Pawan Gupta, 25, Vinay Sharma, 26, and Akshay Kumar Singh, 31, will be executed together at Tihar jail.

All four reportedly broke down in jail after the death warrant.

“This judgement will reinforce people’s faith in the judiciary and empower women. My daughter will get justice,” said Nirbhaya’s mother.

23-year-old, who was known as “Nirbhaya” died days after she was raped on a moving bus on December 16, 2012. She and her friend had boarded the bus from south Delhi after a movie.

The brutality of the act provoked street protests across the country.

The convicts have 14 days to use their final legal options. They will be in separate cells, in solitary confinement, and will be allowed one last meeting with their families.

Last month, the Supreme Court had dismissed the last review petition filed by Akshay Kumar Singh. Nirbhaya’s parents then asked a lower court to issue a death warrant but the judge had deferred a decision until today. Nirbhaya’s mother had wept before the judge, who had consoled her saying he was bound by the law.

Besides the four convicts, two more were arrested after the gang-rape and murder. Ram Singh, the fifth accused, was found hanging in his cell and the sixth, just months short of 18 when the crime was committed, was released after three years in a reform home.

The execution is expected to take place in Jail 3 of Tihar, where dummy trials have been carried out to test the gallows. Officials say ropes have been brought from Buxar, Bihar.

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