3-year-old orders French Fries worth $35, adds tip for fast delivery

A three-year-old boy ‘accidentally’ ended up ordering French fries worth US$35.

According to a report published in The Irish Mirror, Harry Keogh had apparently placed the order while he was watching a YouTube video on a mobile phone. He ended up placing an order for nine portions of French fries.

When the parcel of fries reached their doorstep, Harry’s mother Ashley was left clueless as she had not placed any order.

Ashley said, “I assumed Harry’s dad had ordered without us realizing while he was working in the bedroom. It was just then Harry screamed ‘yay, yummies’, and ran to the table. I finally twigged what had happened and checked the old phone to see the payment screen”.

Captioning the cutesy hilarious video, Ashley wrote, “Nothing like getting a knock at the door with a McDonald’s delivery!! All of us confused but the driver insisted it was ours and showed us the order!!! I opened up the bag this is what I found €30 worth of chips, That HARRY my 3 years old ordered. That’s the uber eats app getting deleted off the phone anyways. (sic)”