3 dead, several injured in violence over blasphemous Facebook post in India’s Bengaluru

Three people died in the south Indian city of Bengaluru after police fired on crowds protesting against an allegedly blasphemous Facebook post.

Large crowds gathered at outside the house of a local politician whose relative was accused of making an “offensive” Facebook post about the Prophet Muhammad, which local media say has since been deleted.

Mobs set fire to vehicles and attacked policemen who arrived on the scene with stones, police said. Police have arrested the man for making the “offensive” post, and arrested 110 others for violence.

City commissioner Kamal Pant in a tweet said: “With regard to incidents in DJ Halli, accused Naveen arrested for posting derogatory posts.. also total 110 accused arrested for arson, stone pelting and assault on police.”

A curfew has been imposed in the violence-hit areas of DG Halli and KG Halli till tomorrow morning, large gatherings have been banned in the rest of the city, the commissioner added.

24 four-wheelers were set on fire; 200 bikes kept at a police station were also set on fire. A police station was damaged in the violence. The police used lathi-charge, tear gas and firing to disperse the violent crowd.