3 days for wife, 3 days for girlfriend, take 1 day off: Indian police advises man having extramarital affair

In a rather bizarre incident police in the Indian state of Jharkhand advised a man who was having an extramarital affair to spend three days with his wife, three days with his girlfriend and take a break on one day.

Rajesh Mahato of Kokar Tiril Road in Ranchi had an affair with a woman despite being married. However, he had told the girl he was single. A few days into the affair the man ran away with the girl, leaving behind his wife and kids.

The wife filed a complaint with the police and the family of the girl filed a case of kidnapping against Rajesh. The police then tracked down Rajesh and nabbed him. But by then, he had married his girlfriend too.

When both the women got to know about each other they got into an argument, the police were called to intervene. The police suggested Rajesh to spend three days with his wife and three days with his girlfriend. That way, both women would get a day off.

Surprisingly, both the women agreed and they signed an official document. However, just a few days later, the girlfriend filed a complaint against Rajesh accusing him of sexual assault.

The matter then reached a local court and an arrest warrant was issued in Rajesh’s name.