21-year-old woman’s transplanted hand changes color to match her skin tone

A 21-year-old woman’s hand transplant surgery has taken the medical community by surprise after her donor’s hand changed colours to match her skin tone.

According to reports, Shreya Siddanagowder had been in a car accident in 2016, which had led to amputation of both her hands. Last year, the woman, who hails from Pune, underwent a hand transplant surgery in Kochi and her donor was a 20-year-old man who had died in 2017.

Shreya’s surgery is also the first inter-gender transplant in Asia and she is also reportedly one of the 200 people people to have undergone a hand transplant. The surgery lasted for over 13 hours and a team of over twenty surgeons worked on it.

The Indian Express reports that Shreya had to undergo gruelling physiotherapy sessions for eighteen months to regain function in her hands. Despite initial hindrances, Shreya’s recovery has taken everyone by surprise.

The donor’s hand has now begun to show a change in skin tone one year after the surgery. Photos of the hands taken just after the surgery and now show a remarkable difference; doctors at the hospital in Kochi have theorized that the the flow of melanin-containing cells too have been regularised with improved circulation of blood from the upper limbs to the hands.

Reports also show that Shreya has started writing once again, and her handwriting is now similar to what it was in 2016 too.