2019 ICC World Cup Captains Meet The Queen Elizabeth Ahead Of The Opening Ceremony

The captains of the 10 teams participating in the  2019 ICC World Cup made a stop over at the Buckingham Palace to meet Queen Elizabeth and Prince Harry in the 1844 Room. The queen is hosting her annual garden party. All the captain greeted the Queen and Prince Harry ahead of the start of the 45-day tournament.

The 10 participating teams travelled together to attend the opening ceremony of the 2019 ICC World Cup.

Over 4000 cricket fans have gathered at the London Mall, next to the Buckingham Palace, along with a billion viewers joining from around the world, where the event was streamed live.

Steve Elworthy, Managing Director of the ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup 2019 said, “The Opening Party will capture the very essence of what makes this tournament so special and will be hugely exciting for the fans that are lucky enough to attend but also across broadcast we will show the world what they have to look forward to over the next 45 days of cricket action.”

The 2019 World Cup kicks off with hosts England taking on South Africa in the first game of 48, at The Oval in London.

Below are a few snaps :-

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