20 Kangaroos killed in hit-and-run spree in Australia’s Tura Beach

As many as 20 kangaroos are believed to have been run over by a vehicle in a mass slaughter in the Australian state of New South Wales.

Among the dead were also joeys — baby kangaroos — on late saturday night in rural Tura Beach, on the state’s South Coast.

Many of the animals were found on the front lawns of residents’ homes the next morning.

The police believe it to be a deliberate hit-and-run.

Janine Green, a longtime volunteer with the wildlife rescue group WIRES said, that police knocked on her door around 1 a.m., holding a tiny kangaroo that had been taken from its dead mother’s pouch.

The joey was one of the only survivors of the late-night slaughter in Tura Beach, a small community in the southern part of New South Wales.

“People were just horrified, and when we took the bodies away, seeing them on the back of the [utility vehicle] was heartbreaking. Until you see it you can’t grasp the reality of it,” Green added.

Police said in a statement that they are looking for witnesses to the “several acts of animal cruelty,” which they believe unfolded between 10:30 and 11:30 p.m. Saturday.

It was soccer night, and many people were out drinking. In the midst of that revelry came the kangaroo massacre, as someone drove down residential streets and plowed into the animals. The vehicle may have had mounted spotlights, so the roos “would have stood there stunned” before being mowed down

The kangaroo is Australia’s national animal and appears on its coat of arms. There’s a large population in Tura Beach.

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