2-year-old toddler murdered over $150 in Aligarh

The mutilated body of a 2-year-old girl missing since the 30th May was found at garbage dump in Aligarh. Residents saw stray dogs pulling what appeared to be human body parts, according to the police the child was killed by neighbours who had a loan dispute with her grandfather.

The Aligarh police say the child was strangled. The post mortem has not confirmed rape but the police say stringent charges under the Protection of Children from Sexual Offences (POCSO) Act have been added against two accused, Zahid and Aslam.

The police said the child’s eyes were not gouged out, as her family alleges, but appeared so because the body was heavily decomposed. An arm and a leg were also broken.

The child’s body was found close to her home on the outskirts of Aligarh. Zahid and Aslam lived less than half a kilometer away and knew the family well. So brazen was their act of “revenge”, say the police, that they left the body at the garbage dump near their house.

The police say Zahid had taken a loan of INR₹ 50,000 from the girl’s grandfather and still owed him INR₹ 10,000 over which the two had a fight two days before the child was kidnapped. Zahid, the girl’s family alleges, had threatened revenge for his “humiliation”.

On May 30, the child vanished from right outside her home. Her parents, neighbours and relatives searched for her through the night before reporting her missing the next morning. Three days later, a woman who picks up trash screamed when she saw dogs nibbling at what looked like a little body wrapped in a cloth. It gave off a foul odour and was full of maggots, neighbours said.

It apparently took a whole day and protests by the family for the police to arrest Zahid. Five policemen had been suspended for not showing urgency in tracking down the child.

A Special Investigation Team (SIT) has been formed to probe the case.

Congress chief Rahul Gandhi and Actor Abhishek Bachchan were among many others from the political and celebrity space who expressed anger and outage.

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