2 million new Covid-19 cases in 2 weeks: United States registers another MILESTONE

United States hit a new record in terms of Covid-19 infections. A new report has suggested that the United States has registered 2 million new Covid-19 cases in just a period of two weeks.

A report by the New York Times claims that United States has registered one million new cases in each of the past two weeks, as of 23 November. The country is also witnessing a spike in deaths since its last peak in the months of spring.

The report also suggests that substantial rise in covid cases often precedes a spike in deaths. Despite better infrastructure in place, experts believe that the deaths are expected to rise in the coming weeks.

Many people will be travelling to their home to celebrate Thanksgiving on 26 November with their families and hence this could worsen the situation.

According to Reuters, 2,157 people died on Tuesday, which translates to one person every 40 seconds. The highest spike of 3,384 deaths was registered on 14 April this year. Another all-time high is the number of hospitalizations in the country which reached 87,000 on Tuesday.

The US government hopes to distribute 40 million Covid-19 vaccine doses nationwide by the end of the year after regulators clear this one by December 10.