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2 dead after man jumps from New York building and hits another man

A 25-year-old man jumped twelve stories from an apartment building to his death in New York, United States on Monday night and tragically landed on an unsuspecting 61-year-old innocent bystander killing him as well.

“The incident appears to be a tragic situation and the investigation is ongoing,” Yonkers police declared in a statement.

Both men died on impact at the scene on the roof of a concrete parking garage after the young man jumped shortly before 6:00pm.

The two men did not reportedly know one another.

Detectives interviewed witnesses and both mens’ family members. Officers also reviewed surveillance footage, but they do not suspect foul play.

The police offered their condolences to the grieving families of both men.

“The incident appears to be a tragic situation, and the investigation is ongoing,” police said in a statement. “The City of Yonkers and Yonkers Police Department offers its sincere condolences to the families of both men.”