19-year-old teenager amputates lower body after being asked to choose between LIFE and DEATH

A 19-year-old teenager survived and is now recovering after he was involved in a life-threatening accident. A surgery amputating the lower half of his body was required in order for the teen to survive.

Loren Schauers from Great Falls, Montana, was driving an industrial truck also known as a forklift truck when he met with an accident and was on the ground beneath the vehicle. The teen was still conscious after the accident and saw his right arm had exploded and the hips squashed.

The Daily Mail reported that in order to save his life, Loren let the doctors perform hemicorporectomy surgery. Speaking about his experience in a YouTube video, the 19-year-old said that he did not face a hard choice when deciding whether to undergo amputation or not. For Loren, it was a choice between living or dying.

The accident happened in September 2019 while Loren was working on a construction site for bridge rehabilitation as a labourer. The accident took place when Loren was driving a forklift outside of Wilsal, Montana, when cars started passing him illegally. He was too close to the edge of the bridge when the ground started crumbling.

As Loren tried to escape the machine, his leg was caught by the seat belt and he was dragged with the falling machine. Loren fell on the ground at the bottom of the hill and the machine landed on top of him.

Doctors at the time of the accident had said that the chances of his survival were bleak and asked his family members to bid him goodbye six times.