19-year-old ‘fit and healthy’ professional wrestler dies 48 hours after testing positive for coronavirus

A ‘fit and healthy’ professional wrestler died just 48 hours after testing positive for coronavirus.

The teenager Cameron Wellington, 19, from Birmingham, was diagnosed with Covid-19 last Tuesday.

By Wednesday night his mother Jane had rushed him to the hospital amid concerns over his rapidly declining breathing.

She was only allowed to drop her teenage son at the door step. An hour later, she received a phone call from staff to say his oxygen levels had plummeted and he ‘wasn’t expected to last an hour’.

He was put on dialysis and placed in the Intensive Therapy Unit, where he fought hard for his life. Medics operated on his lungs and he was then rushed to another hospital in Leicester for specialist care.

There, surgeons operated on his heart but shortly afterwards Cameron died.

Cameron was a a professional wrestler who began his training at an early age with Pro Wrestling Live.

His father Norman said: “He was a bubbly, bright, happy person. Everyone warmed to him. He loved wrestling with a passion.

He started doing it when he was 12 or 13 so quite a few years ago.”