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17-year-old killed for not returning $1,000 borrowed to buy guns and bullets in a game

A 17-year-old boy who borrowed INR ₹75,000 (approximately USD $1,000) from a friend to purchase additional features in a game ended up being killed after he failed to return the loan amount.

The incident was reported in Raipur, Chhattisgarh on March 10. The boy’d dead body was found in the Sarangarh region in Raigarh, five days after he went missing.

According to reports the class 9 student was addicted to gaming and had borrowed the money from his friend Chavan Kunte last year. He used the money to buy himself additional features in the game including guns and bullets.

From January this year Kunte started asking for the money back, but the victim would always make an excuse to pay later. When Kunte realized that the boy was not planning to repay the sum, Kunte decided to take things in his own hand.

On March 10, he decided to get the victim drunk and ask for the money. When the latter made another excuse, an argument broke out and Kunte ended up slitting the victim’s throat. He later tried to dress up the crime as a case of kidnapping and tried to extort INR ₹5 lakh (approximately $7,000) from the victim’s mother.

The kidnapped boy’s family approached the police and CCTV footage of nearby areas led cops to the accused who later confessed to the crime.