17-year-old girl delivers baby at home with help of YouTube videos

A 17-year-old girl delivered a baby on her own at home with the help of YouTube videos in Kerala’s Malappuram district, police said.

After the delivery on October 20, the girl stayed in her room for three days till she developed some infections.

Subsequently, her mother found out and rushed her to the hospital where she is recovering now.

Malappuram district child welfare committee (CWC) chairman Advocate Shajesh Basker said the hospital informed them about the delivery and they, in turn, contacted the police.

The girl is recovering and her newborn boy is safe at the hosptal along with the mother.

On the basis of the girl’s statement, the police have arrested a 21-year-old man from her locality for allegedly impregnating the minor.

The CWC chairman said it was surprising that the girl’s mother didn’t know about the pregnancy and didn’t find out about the delivery either for two days.

“Her 50-year-mother is visually impaired and her father, who works as security guard, was always on night duty. As the girl remained shut in the room with her mobile phone, the mother thought she was busy with online classes,’’ he said.

Police sources said the arrested youth exploited the situation at the home.

“He also advised the girl to turn to YouTube to learn about cutting the umbilical cord.