16-year-old Russian goalkeeper gets struck by lightning while training

A 16-year-old Russian footballer was struck by a bolt of lightning while he was training on the pitch.

Znamya Truda goalkeeper Ivan Zakborovsky was training along with his teammates near the touchline, and when he was about to kick the ball towards the goal the lightning fell.

“There was a clear sky, albeit overcast, but neither rain nor wind. If there was a thunderstorm, then we would not have been training,” Club general director Igor Mayorov said.

Zakborovsky was taken to hospital where doctors put him into an induced coma.

Zakborovsky was put in an induced coma so that his brain would rest, get saturated with oxygen, Mayorov explained.

He suffered severe burns, his club tweeted, adding that his condition is stable and there is no “life-threat.”

In a tweet the club wrote, ” Ivan’s condition as stable, they disconnected him from the mechanical ventilation apparatus and gradually removed him from an artificial coma.”

Znamya Truda plays in the Russian third tier.