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16 prisoners escape after throwing chilli powder in the eyes of prison guards

Sixteen prisoners escaped on Monday night after throwing chilli powder in the eyes of the guards, police said.

The incident was reported in Phalodi Sub-jail in the Indian state of Rajasthan.

An operation has been launched to nab the escapees, who are mostly facing charges of murder and drug trafficking.

The prisoners fled after throwing chilli powder in the eyes of the guards when they were being lodged in their barracks after dinner at about 8.30pm, Anil Kayal, the Superintendent of Police said.

“We have roped in various police teams to search them”, Kayal said.

Out of the escaped prisoners, three hail from Bihar while the rest are all from Phalodi, Baap and Lohawat areas of Jodhpur. Most of the inmates were lodged in jail after being booked in Narcotic NDPS cases and some have been booked for murder charges, reports claim.

Such incidents are not uncommon in India.

A woman in Maharashtra’s Malvani was arrested a few months ago for throwing chili powder at police to help her son flee who was involved in an attempt to murder case.

A few years ago, a murder convict had escaped from the police custody with the help of his associates, who threw chilli powder in the eyes of the police personnel accompanying the prisoner during a hospital visit in central Delhi. The cops fired four rounds to stop him but he managed to escape.