150 snakes greet couple in their new Colorado home

A couple had a nightmare of their lifetime after they purchased a new house in Colorado where they were welcomed by snakes. Not just 5 or 10, but almost 150 snakes.

Shaynon McFadden and Royce Robins purchased and shifted to a new house on Rushmore Street, Colorado, in November 2018. They had a nice time in their new heaven until the following spring, when they were intruded by unexpected creatures in the rear part of the house.

As the temperature got warmer, the snakes started popping their heads out everywhere – in the yard, under the deck, around the foundation and even inside the home.

“We started seeing garter snake heads popping up in between the wood slats on the ground level patio,” Shaynon told KUSA.

The couple then decided to hire an exterminator, just to get rid of the snakes in the house. However, they were more than surprised to find that there is a large snake den underneath their back deck, which served as home to more than 150 snakes.

The couple spent about $8,000 to pest-controlled new deck after removing the snakes and relocating them elsewhere.

The Colorado law makes it compulsory for a seller and realtors to disclose any material facts about the property to a potential buyer.