150 Indians deported for illegally entering US and violating visa norms

Some 150 Indians were deported from the United States for either violating their visa norms or illegally entering America.

They landed at the Delhi airport on Wednesday morning.

The special aircraft carrying them landed at the T3 terminal of the Delhi airport at 6am. The aircraft reached India via Bangladesh.

“This was the fourth time I have been deported,” said Singh Jabarjung, 24, from Punjab’s Bhatinda.

“I boarded a flight on May 15 and reached Mexico via Moscow and Paris. From there, I tried to enter California on May 16 but was caught by police and deported from Arizona,” he said.

He said he has spent Rs 24 lakh in the four attempts and Rs 40 lakh on advocacy.

Lakshiwnder Singh, another deportee, said he had given Rs 25 lakh to an Amritsar-based agent to help him enter the US.

“He sent me to Mexico on May 2 via Moscow and Paris. They caught me while I was trying to cross the border and deported here from Arizona in US,” he said.

On October 18, more than 300 Indians, including one woman, were deported by Mexican immigration authorities for illegally entering the country to sneak into the US.

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