15-year-old brother saves sister’s life after crocodile attacks her

A brave boy, all of 15, did not think twice before trying to save his sister from a crocodile that attacked her while they were walking on a bamboo bridge in the Philippines.

Haina Lisa Jose Habi, 12 was out with her brother Hashim, 15 and had to cross a small bridge over a stream during their travel. Hashim had already reached the shore, when the crocodile attacked his sister and clawed on to her calf with its teeth. It, then, tried to pull Haina into the stream.

Hashim did not waste a second and rushed to save his sister. At that moment, he threw rocks at the crocodile to rescue Haina as she screamed in fright. “I screamed and Hashim helped me. He threw rocks at the crocodile and pulled me away from it. I love him so much. He saved my life,” Haina said.

Haina’s brother saved her life for sure but the young girl did suffer injuries – she ended up with a deep cut on her right leg. For further medical treatment, Haina was admitted to a hospital soon after.

Speaking of the incident, Hashim said, “I crossed the bridge first. When I looked behind, I thought she only fell. But then I saw the head of the crocodile. My sister was hanging from the bridge. Then I grabbed her.”

The bridge had a small gap through which Haina fell as the crocodile caught hold of her leg.

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