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14-year-old boy electrocutes himself to death while attempting to click a SELFIE on a train engine

A 14-year-old boy attempting to click a selfie on a train engine turned tragic after he died of electrocution in the South Indian state of Tamil Nadu.

Gnaneswaran, a class IX student, came in touch with a high-voltage power line when he climbed on to a train engine parked in the Tirunelveli Junction Railway Station to click a selfie. Investigators said he died instantly.

Gnaneswaran’s father is a railway employee, and was working in the same railway station when the tragedy took place.

India holds the world record for the most number of selfie deaths, about 160 – more than half of the total recorded worldwide. After India, Russia, United States and Pakistan have had the most number of deaths.

A study published earlier this year claimed that men were more prone to such deaths as they take more risks and go the extra mile to get the perfect selfie.

The report further unveils that the most common types of deaths that have been recorded while taking selfies include drowning, falling off, crashing, and shooting, among many others.