13-year-old charged with felony for pointing finger gun on classmates

A middle-school girl in Kansas is facing a felony charge for threatening her classmates with a finger gun gesture she made in class.

The 13-year-old was reported on the school’s anti-bullying app in September after a fellow Westridge Middle School classmate asked her who in the class she would kill. The girl allegedly made a finger gun and pointed it at four nearby students and then herself.

The girl was sent to the school principal’s office, and after consulting with other students who were involved, the school resource officer recommended that she be arrested. She was then detained by police and released to her mother.

Johnson County District Court documents reported that on September 18, the girl “unlawfully and feloniously communicated a threat to commit violence, with the intent to place another, in fear, or with the intent to cause the evacuation, lockdown or disruption in regular, ongoing activities.”

She is due to appear at a hearing in the Juvenile Division of the District Court of Johnson County on Tuesday.