12-year-old PUBG addict stole $4000 from parents after losing game

A bizarre case has been reported from the Indian state of Gujarat over popular mobile game PUBG Mobile.

According to a report, a 12-year-old has been accused of stealing cash worth Rs 3 lakh from his own parents in Gujarat’s Kutch district.

The police say that the boy has confessed that he was stealing the money as he had lost a few PUBG games while playing with his friends.

The parents of the accused, who run a grocery store said that they were suspicious about the money missing from their cupboard. They kept a watch one night where they caught the boy entering their room and trying to steal the money.

When questioned about the crime, the boy said that he wanted the money as he had lost a few PUBG games he was playing with his friends.

The parents had no choice but to approach the police and it was found that a group of teenagers had made him an addict of the highly popular mobile game.

The police also confirmed that the boy had given them the stolen money to buy expensive mobile phones. Surprisingly his parents never asked him about the new phones.

A complaint has been filed with the police and appropriate action will be taken against the accused as per the law considering all of them are minors.