12-year-old falls from third to ground floor after trying to ride escalator rail at shopping mall

A 12-year-old boy allegedly trying to ride on the rail of an escalator got his coat jammed in the mechanism and eventually fell 40 feet.

He fell from the third floor to the ground floor in Tver, near Moscow.

Witnesses say he was ‘screaming in pain’ after breaking his leg but was lucky to escape without more serious injuries.

The boy was saved from being critically hurt by landing on the roof of a fruit and vegetable stall, part of a grocery store, which cushioned his fall.

Witnesses said he had been riding the escalator railing, but fell as he attempted the stunt.

Others said he had been pulled over the edge after his jacket got caught in the escalator mechanism.

Witness Svetlana said: ‘I work there. I saw the boy. It was awful, but he was lucky that he fell on the roof of that stall.’

The boy’s parents now face questioning from authorities if they were fulfilling their duties in supervising him.