11 feet alligator wandered in residential neighbourhood in Florida

An alligator measuring 3.3 meters and 272 kilograms (11 feet and 600 lbs) was spotted wandering in Florida neighborhood on the 19th of April. Miami Dade Fire Rescue Department who were on their way back to the firestation spotted the giant alligator on the side of the road.

Unfortunately the alligator doesn’t break any records, the largest alligator recorded in the state reached 14 feet and 1000 lbs. Since it was unusual for  alligators to trespass on human land, the fire crew went close to it thinking that it was a body, possibly dead. However as they reached closer they got to learn that they were dealing with a giant reptile. The team called the police and Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission representatives.

The gator seemed not interested in humans, however the fire crew maintained some distance until the Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission reached the spot. As it was rainy and impossible to lay a rope on the beasts neck, they were forced to euthanize the animal.

In 1967, the American alligators of Florida were declared as endangered species, as they resemble very close to crocodiles.

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