100 Days To Brexit

With less than 100 days left for Brexit to be a reality, the European Union and the United Kingdom prepare for a hard Brexit.

The United Kingdom Prime Minister Theresa May has still not been able to get her lawmakers ready for what’s called by the European Union ‘The Best Deal’.

Many legislatures had concerns on issues with shared assets, fishing, trade and people.

Prime Minister Theresa May’s failure to get a deal pass the British parliament, the world’s fifth largest economy is left with three choices agreeing to a last-minute deal, halting Brexit or leaving the EU without a deal.

The United Kingdom and the European Union have started preparations for a no deal scenario.

The United Kingdom has kept 3,500 soldiers on standby to manage its borders, it also has started purchasing more refrigerators to store perishables and medical supplies.

In an emergency, an aeroplane will fly vital medical supplies into the UK from Holland during a no-deal, a single flight trip could costs the British 30,000 euros.

Britain has been stocking up its rations,  just like one would do for an ebola outbreak or a hurricane.

The European Union has said it would avoid interruption of air traffic, keep financial and other trade open and respect British citizens if Britain left without a divorce deal in March.

The EU said British trucks would lose rights to carry goods into the EU, live animals would face border checks and Britons travelling with pets would find their EU passes were no longer valid.

The British Prime Minister May has said she will table the Brexit deal during the 3rd week of January next year. The deal needs to be passed before 21st Jan in the house of commons, and then passed in the EU, if not UK will see a hard exit.