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10 whales wash dead on Indonesian beach; Locals save one by pushing it back into the sea

10 whales were found dead on an Indonesian beach on Thursday with images showing locals rushing to push a still-living whale back into the sea.

The marine mammals were found in the remote province of East Nusa Tenggara, the AFP reported.

Footage showed a group of around 10 men struggling to push an eleventh member of the pod across the baking sands and back into the ocean.

They eventually managed to get the creature into the water, and it appeared to swim off by itself, prompting loud cheers from the group.

Officials had concluded the stricken pod were likely short-finned pilot whales, Sangadji said.

Short-finned pilots are highly social and are often involved in mass strandings, although scientists are still unclear as to why.

Residents helped dig graves to bury the carcasses of the ten dead whales, which were lashed with cuts likely caused by the creatures coming into contact with sharp rocks, Sangadji added.

Cross-currents off beaches pose a danger to whales as they can get caught between reefs close to shore.

Last week, a giant 23-metre blue whale washed up near a beach near East Nusa Tenggara’s capital city Kupang.

Seven pilot whales were found dead near Kupang last October.